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LJ Idol, Season 5, Week 14


I resolve this:
that my ideas will form my actions,
my words will be my credo.
For myself and my family
I resolve this.

I choose to grow -
to unleash my creativity,
to find my inner strength
and move beyond the hurts and scars of the past.
I choose to grow.

I will not break my resolve
but instead remain strong.
The wind will shake me,
thrash at me with its intangible strength
but I will not break my resolve.

I choose
that I chart my path myself.
I know not everything is up to me,
but what is not outside my powers
I choose.

And if I fall along the way,
then it's only because of me.
I will not let you trip me.
I will not let you push me.
You cannot attack me.
I will ignore any assault
and persevere
in my resolve.

My own will be done,
my own path followed,
my own actions dictated
by me.

I cleave to my choices,
following my dream.
I strive for growth and
am undeterred by the forces
that try to thwart me.

This I resolve.

***This is my entry for Season 5, Week 14 in therealljidol, a competitive writing community. This week's prompt was "Resolute". Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it.***
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