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The Road goes ever on...

...especially in a '67 Impala

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My paramount fandom is Supernatural, so I'm in a number of SPN groups and enjoy that interaction and the fanfic. I attended Boston con in 2011 and DC Con in 2014. DC Con was the dual thrill of meeting the actors and for the first time meeting a number of LJ friends in person. I was at NJ Con 2015 despite a broken shoulder, and the following year at NJ Con 2016. In 2018 I have a trip to VanCon planned with my friend Theatregirl7299.

I write fanfic (primarily slash). I write SPN, SPN RPS, and NCIS. All of my stories are listed in a masterlist at the top of my LJ, as well as on AO3 under this same name.

Feel free to message and/or friend me, or to ask me a question :-)

That's about it. :-)

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